Hydro-kinetic Power Plants

The e.Ray is an innovative, simple and environmental friendly hydro power solution for decentralized energy production. The e.Ray converts flow velocity of the river to electrical energy.

In modern world electricity has become basic need for humanity. However, measures taken so far for supplying electrical energy led to many environmental and social problems. Sometimes these policies are not economical for the community. Today around 1.3 billion people, mostly in rural areas, do not have access to electricity. These people are relying on fossil fuels to satisfy their need. Using diesel generators or kerosene or sometimes coal for energy harms the environment. Plus, constant refueling of petroleum is expensive to maintain.

The e.Ray Europe GmbH pursues the objective of sustainable and innovative worldwide use of hydroelectric power.



  • 24 / 7 electricity supply
  • Enough energy for a farm, small industry, eco-tourism, one cell phone base station or up to four homes
  • Needs only 80cm deep water stream
  • Plug and play
  • Easy transportation
  • Installed in one day
  • Our experience makes permissions simple
  • Compared to a diesel generator one e.Ray saves an equivalent of 5,000 liters diesel per annum